We make room for what you are really wanting for you.


Personal Coaching

We figure out what works and what is not working anymore. I help you clean out the mental clutter so you can reclaim valuable headspace. I get it. We need a space to give all those messy thoughts and questions in our head an exit door. We figure out what works and what is not working anymore.


Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Management

I work with you to demystify fitness and debunk diets. Step by step, one step at a time, we break through barriers to personal health. Diet fatigue and exercise confusion are real issues! So many “eat this” and” do that’s”! I work with clients to establish real and sustainable fitness and nutrition habits.


Stress Management, Balance, Mental Clutter

I tune you in and focus on what really matters to you. When we are being pulled in all directions, while managing multiple roles and responsibilities and exhausted by expectations, life is chaos. We work together to free up your valuable headspace so you can get back to living your life instead of just managing it.


Personal Space, Goals, Life Changes

Life is dynamic. Life is movement. As we move through our living spaces, life varies, shifts and changes. It is good to slow down, take a look around, and determine if the spaces we occupy are the places we want to be. Coaching is unique to you because you are uniquely you. I’m here to keep you accountable to you.


Sometimes we just need a place to sit down, relax and hash life out.


Workshops and Events

I partner with like minded wellness professionals to offer experiences for personal and creative development. Reach out if you’d like to book one of our workshops for you and your family, friends, or co workers. Our goal is to provide fun, creative and provoking opportunities for women of all ages to nuture their bodies, minds and spirits!


The Hook-Up 101

Young women are invited to a judgement free, respectful discussion group. negotiating the silence around about all those conversations parents want to avoid and how when that happens, there are real consequences. Join Sarah Janosik and Joanne Blackerby for a candid, honest and educational dialogue about the real impacts of today’s hookup culture. Inspired by best selling author, Peggy Orenstein’s “Girls and Sex” : Navigating the Complicated New Landscape . Hookups are not new. The difference today is it is becoming normalized for sex to precede emotional intimacy. This workshop reiterates the importance of informed discussion about women’s, sexual, physical, emotional and mental health.

Sex: Facts & Fiction, Beliefs & Biases, Consent, Assault, & Trust

* Discussion groups are limited in size. No cell phones or recording devices are permitted during discussion sessions.

Participation Fee: $85.00 pp

Location: Clarity Coaching Home Studio 6200 Ledge Mountain Dr, Austin Texas 78731

Parent/Guardian Consent required for young women under 18 years of age.


Mind the Gap

Women Embracing the In-Between

Our one day retreat workshop invites women to come together to appreciate the importance of the now.

Before another round of goal setting, list checking and getting one more thing done-ing, take time to explore the impact of the uniquely female, mental load. Acknowledging and appreciating to all the roles we play for ourselves and for others.

Thoughtful practice and exploration of the powerful impact of embracing life’s pauses, we take time to acknowledge where we are now, where we have come from and most importantly where we ultimately want to be.

Our day begins with a Morning meditation & breath work class. We regroup for dynamic group discussions before lunch. Creativity and personal reflection art regenerize the afternoon.

All materials and lunch included. Space is limited to 10 participants.

Participation Fee: $200 per person


If you build it, It will come

Vision is not just what we see. It’s also what we choose to become. Taking time to create a your personal vision board gives space for what you want to become reality.

A vision board is any kind of board that depicts your goals, wishes, bucket lists, hopes and desires. You create your board to move those things from the intangible to the tangible.

They work! Join us for a creative and enjoyable workshop to create your vision board to keep your attention on your intentions, focus on what you want and map out where you are headed. All materials provided.