Integrative Health & Clarity Coach


Joanne Blackerby

Joanne is an Integrative Health Coach and certified Exercise and Nutrition specialist with over 25 years of experience coaching personal health and change. Along the way she has been named Personal Trainer to Watch and World's Top Personal Trainer by a panel of noted professionals from an international pool of over 1,000 nominees, and become known as one of the most rigorous yet empathetic and inspiring trainers in Central Texas.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Blackerby and her family left the island when she was six years old for Toronto, Canada and later Dallas, Texas – read her authorial debut, "Training Effects," for more on her unique life and path to becoming a trainer – before earning her bachelors degree in communications at Trinity University in San Antonio. During her college years Joanne began pursuing her own fitness and eventually became certified as a personal trainer and started leading exercise sessions and classes.

Moving after graduation to Austin with her husband, attorney Chris Blackerby, she worked in children's social services for Travis County and the State of Texas while earning the bulk of her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Texas before taking time off for the birth of her first of three children. It was then she decided to pursue her dream of opening an exercise training facility where the individual goals and needs of each client determine their personalized program towards abundant fitness and health.

Over the years, Joanne developed her own programs and philosophies focused on training not just bodies but the whole person for life. Along the way she has continued to educate herself in training and exercise techniques, while completing rigorous Health and Behavior Coaching certifications. Always deepening and broadening her knowledge base and skills to offer those she trains the most comprehensive full fitness and total wellness resources possible for body, mind and spirit.