With 3 kids and a fourth on the way, I was overwhelmed with parenting and juggling Mom guilt because of my job. I was making not so healthy choices and was tired all the time. Coaching with Jo helped me to clear my mind, learn how to be more productive and less stressed but more than anything else, I finally took the time spend with myself and work on me - guilt free.
— Allison K. - Software Engineer, Phoenix

I wasn’t sure if I needed a career change, a new job or any change at all. I just knew I needed something. Coaching with Jo gave me the time and space to figure out what I really wanted for myself and that’s a tough thing to figure out for anyone. I didn’t really understand what my goals were but I took the steps to figure me out.
— Davis C, Sales Manager, San Diego

I was sick of battling with diets and really unhappy with how I looked. I was tired of counting calories and steps and wanted real change for myself and for my family. Jo worked with me to put together an exercise plan that I actually enjoyed and helped me get a real understanding of diet and nutrition. I’ve changed the way I move and eat and I’ve changed my family for the better too.
—  Jordan M., Austin Full Time Mother, Part time Athlete

All I can say is I am lucky to work with her. It’s amazing how all areas of life, stress, relationships, health and fitness intersect - you don’t realize how each part of your life affects the other parts until you take the time to step back, and take a look at what’s going on with you as a whole person. I really enjoyed the time we worked together. I know I can reach out if I need to. Jo just get’s people and she get’s life.
— Justin B., Business Owner, Austin